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I Made The Positively Pledge

Welcome to the Canine Consultant website, if you are looking for help and advice on almost any doggy topic, you have come to the right place.

Please have a browse through the site using the menu above, and of course you can also find me on Facebook using the button in the left hand menu.

I offer private training, 1 to 1 behavioural consultations and I am happy to advise on selecting the right breed, the right puppy or rescue dog, for your lifestyle and family - if you have seen BBC 2's recent program 'Choose the Right Puppy for You' then you'll have an idea of what this service entails, though it applies to rescue dogs as well as pups!

I enjoy training people to train their dogs, and more than that, to understand and enjoy living with their dogs. If you feel things aren't going quite how you'd planned, if your Collie has the Colliewobbles or your Labrador is a bit Loopy, I understand it can be stressful and overwhelming trying to find the help you need.

As a full member of the Pet Professional Guild I only employ kind, force free, positive training methods, which are effective and fun, for you and your dog.
This means you won't have to do anything that scares or hurts your dog, you don't need to use methods you are not comfortable with, and your whole family can enjoy a good, safe and fun relationship with your dog.



Training Classes

Coming Soon... Workshops & Seminars

We don't feel that weekly training classes are always the best way to train your dog - this is because the environment of a church or village hall is not remotely like real life, and you want to prepare your dog for real life.

Therefore, instead of weekly classes where you spend an hour in a hall mainly watching other people handle their dogs and risking your dog getting stressed or bored, we are offering a new educational format.

If you would like me to run one of these seminars at a venue local to you, please contact me using the form below to discuss dates/fees.

Who has the Problem? - The Difference Between Normal and Abnormal Canine Behaviour

Jekyll & Hyde - Aggressive or Reactive on Lead, Angelic off Lead!

Catch Me If You Can - Recall Training & Proofing

Don't Leave Me! - Separation Anxiety: How to Prevent It.

Demon Puppy from Hell - Why Puppies are Hard Work and How to Cope.

And many more!

Before You Get Your Dog/Puppy Seminar.

This talk will cover all the issues surrounding finding your new dog or puppy, and the things you will need to know in the first few weeks.
Toilet Training, Preventing Problem Behaviours, Building Confidence, Teaching Manners. Responsible Dog Ownership etc.

If you are thinking of getting a dog, whether thats a rescue dog or a puppy from a breeder, this seminar will answer all your questions and set you on the right path so that you can avoid some of the most common mistakes and save yourselves a lot of stress and heartache!

Perfect Fit Harnesses

 We are pleased to be able to offer Perfect Fit harnesses for sale, fitted to your dog in person if you are attending a class or have already booked a behaviour consultation.

We use these for our own dogs as they are comfortable for the dog, hard wearing and of course as the name suggests, it is possible to achieve a perfect fit by mixing and matching the three parts.

Please note - I do not carry any stock - if you wish to buy without attending a class or consultation I can highly recommend you pop into the shop at Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter who stock and fit Perfect Fit Harnesses.